Partner Attributes

What are the Partner Attributes?

Partner Attributes is a JSON object that is auto-generated and added to each job, with meta-data related to the search, which must be sent in the application integration request, this information is related to the job and the parameters entered in the request.

Note: The json schema can be updated to add some attributes to help improve searches in the future.

When to use the Partner Attributes?

This information must be added when using Quick Apply and Full Apply

Example of “Partner Attributes” field being returned on the Job Search

 "partner_attributes": {
    "sponsored": true,
    "redirect_apply": " York&ajs_prop_language=en&ajs_prop_jobseeker_location_lat=40.777&ajs_prop_jobseeker_location_lon=-73.874&ajs_prop_search_order=1&ajs_prop_job_id=468003&ajs_prop_doc_type=preferredjob&ajs_prop_distance=49&ajs_prop_job_location_lat=40.7715761&ajs_prop_job_location_lon=-72.9334145&ajs_prop_boosted=1&ajs_prop_utm_source=utm_partner-boosted&ajs_prop_utm_medium=job-board-search&ajs_prop_utm_campaign=integration",
    "utm_medium": "job-board-search",
    "utm_campaign": "integration",
    "keyword": "nurse",
    "search_fetch_id": "394f44dc0aff4ee6ae469221e8934ee8",
    "page": 1,
    "order": 1,
    "city_center": "New York",
    "utm_source": "utm_partner-full-apply-boosted",
    "source": "partner_name-apply"