Full Apply

Integration used for jobs where apply_method is full_apply_endpoint and the number_of_questions_allowed is greater than 0. The email, the full name, answers and the Partner Attributes contained in the Job Search response are required.


  • x-api-key: Token that is given to the partner to be able to use the API, and it must be added in the request headers.

Questions For Apploi Jobs.

Get the questions related to a job using the parameter questions_url, that field is contained in the Job Search response.

Question Schema

NameSchemaDescriptionAllowed valuesExample
idYesUnique ID for this question.any string"Yes"
typeYesDescribes the type of question. Refer to the following sections for a full explanation of each question type.- text
- select
- multiselect
- date
questionYesThe question text that is displayed to applicants.any string“Veteran status?”
formatYes for type=date or type=textUse the format for date or integer answers- "dd/MM/yyyy"
- integer
maxYes  format=integerFor format=integerany integer for format=integer100
minYes  format=integerFor format=integerany integer for format=integer0
requiredYesAllows the setting of a question as required. When required:true is present, Indeed Apply forces a non-empty text field or a non-empty selection. When the required parameter is not present, questions are optional. If a question is optional, a possible answer value is “”.- true
- false
OptionsYes for type=select and type=multiselectThe list of options available in the drop-down menu.JSON[{
LabelYes for type=select and type=multiselectThe text for options in any drop-down menu.any stringFemale
ValueYes for type=select and type=multiselectThe value corresponding to each option that will be returned for questions with drop-down menus.any string1

Property by Question Type

Property/Question TypeTextSelectMultipleDateSlider(number)

Answer Schema

Note: Answer Format Allowed (Note: If a question does not match the format, no question will be saved.)

Example: Answers format

- Answer Type Text, Slider : {'value':string, 'id':string} 
- Answer Type Select: {'values':"string", 'id':string}
- Answer Type Calendar: {'value':string(dd/MM/yyyy), 'id':string}
- Answer Type MultipleChoice : {'values':[string_1|string_2|string_n], 'id':string}

Example Request


Note: Check the /easy-apply documentation and remember to add in the headers the x-api-key.



    "applicant": {
        "email": "{{email}}",
        "fullName": "{{fullName}}",
        "phoneNumber": "{{phoneNumber}}",
        "resume": {}
    "get_person_token": 1,
    "enqueue": true,
    "job": {
        "jobId": "{{job_id}}"
    "partner_attributes": {
        "sponsored": true,
        "redirect_apply": "https://jobs-univision.apploi.com/view/468036?utm_campaign=integration&utm_medium=job-board-search&utm_source=<utm_source>-boosted&ajs_event=LOAD_JOB_PAGE&ajs_aid=3f617530-4530-11e9-a2ca-7e775511d9e3&ajs_prop_search_fetch_id=efb330ceef1b44e3b07328adae1b1ccd&ajs_prop_keyword=&ajs_prop_page=1&ajs_prop_city_center=Unselected&ajs_prop_search_order=5&ajs_prop_job_id=468036&ajs_prop_doc_type=preferredjob&ajs_prop_job_location_lat=39.3798123&ajs_prop_job_location_lon=-74.5302804&ajs_prop_boosted=1&ajs_prop_utm_source=<utm_source>-boosted&ajs_prop_utm_medium=job-board-search&ajs_prop_utm_campaign=integration",
        "utm_medium": "job-board-search",
        "utm_campaign": "integration",
        "keyword": "",
        "search_fetch_id": "efb330ceef1b44e3b07328adae1b1ccd",
        "page": 1,
        "order": 5,
        "city_center": "Unselected",
        "utm_source": "<exploratory>-quick-apply-boosted",
        "source": "<source>-apply"
"questions": {
    "answers": [
        "id": "1786806",
        "value": "Text 1"
        "id": "1786807",
        "value": "Text Optional"
        "id": "1786810",
        "value": "20"
        "id": "1786811",
        "value": "90"
        "id": "1786812",
        "value": "17/11/2020"
        "id": "1786813",
        "value": "18/11/2020"
        "id": "1786824",
        "values": "0"
        "id": "1786825",
        "value": "1"
        "id": "1786826",
        "values": [
        "id": "1786827",
        "values": [

Request explained

get_person_token1Flag used to request bearer_token, allowing you to make requests related to the user. Check Other useful endpoints
resumeJSON ObjectThe resume is optional, to check the entire structure go to /easy-apply

Example Response

    "developer_message": "Submit Successful",
    "errors": [],
    "info": {
        "person_id": 32424609,
        "bearer_token": "Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpZCI6MzI0MjQ2MDksInJvbGVzIjpbImFwcGxpY2FudCJdLCJleHAiOjE2MTMxNTgxMjF9.vQuM-HDaPliAW53RO0f99Ti9px6dOnIY_nBJAU4F-K0",
        "job_id": "598551"

Status Code Response

  • 200 (Successful): Return the application info and token.
  • 409 (Conflict): if there is a duplicate application already in our system.
  • 410 (Gone): if a job Apploi is no longer available.